bEST feeder pan for duck

bEST feeder pan for duck rearing

Contains up to 2100 g of feed

360° flooding distributes the feed evenly

The low edge of the feeding pan (3.8 cm) provides easy access to feed for chicks from the first day of life

Excellent performance

The reinforced bottom of feeder pan bEST, 3mm thick, made of flexible material of German production, is resistant to impacts and crushing during removing manure by machines

Smooth edge of the feeder pan prevents birds from hurt and gives comfort during feeding

Clean feed inside the pan

The design of bEST feeder pan prevents birds from entering inside to the feeder pan, sleeping and staying in the middle of pan and fecal contamination of the feed

Each feeder pan bEST contains 2.1 kg of feed, which stays fresh what increases the birds' appetite

The edge of the feeder pan and plate inclination towards the inner side to minimize feed waste

Special spokes of the grill of feeder pan bEST prevent birds from scratching feed out of the pan

Easy access

The larger diameter of the pan (40cm) and circumference (120cm) means better access for large numbers of birds at the same time

bEST feeder pan does not require manual adjustment of the feed level in the pan

Universal application

Excellent for feeding mash and pelleted feed

Suitable for slatted floor and cages

Set of transparent control unit bEST…

It consists of:
- one transparent feeder pan mounted by hopper to control the level of feed in the feeding line and in the feeder pans
- two transparent feeder pans by drive unit
- capacitive sensor
- junction box to the drive unit
- side couplers set for even better stabilization the feeder pan bEST on the feeding line

This makes the daily control of amount of the feed into the feeding line – easier

…with additional LED light

The sensor with LED light is available as an option for the control unit. The light increases the birds' interest in the feed in this feeder pan

Increased feed intake from this feeder pan allows to completely filled feeding line and feeding pans

Easy cleaning system

The cleaning without opening the feeder pans and without turning the feeding line

The simple design of the feeder pan bEST - only 3 elements - means better hygiene and cleaning and disinfection efficiency

4 holes in the pan allowing the water to drain automatically after cleaning in any position of the feeder pan bEST on the pipe

Plastic hopper bEST

Capacity: 100 liters

Total height: 93cm 

Output for galvanized pipe: fi 44.5 mm

Stainless steel bottom part with metal shaft

Ring prevents feed losses (diameter 135cm)

The bEST feeder pan has the option of using a anti-wastering as an additional equipment 

The installation of the ring on the bEST feeder reduces feedlosses and allows for a change of breeding profile in the same building

The mounting of the additional ring is easy and does notrequire the feeder to be disassembled on line

bEST feeder pan - Leaflet for download