High pressure cooling

High pressure cooling

The spray cooling system allows to reduce the air temperature in livestock house easily and economically

A special pump pumps water through pipes or hoses to nozzles which, through a small hole (0.2 - 0.3 mm) and at a high pressure of 70 bar, spray it in air as a water mist

Water immediately evaporates at high temperatures in the building - absorbs dust, moisturizing and cooling the air, effectively improving the climate in area occupied by animals

The best cooling effect is achieved when the air humidity is low and the ventilation is working well


The system consists of standard elements that can be easily adapted to the building:
- pumps with accessories
- fogging nozzles
- pipes or hoses to distribute water along the building
- system of connectors
- mounting brackets and suspension brackets

The water is distributed in pipes or hoses along the walls of the building and/or suspended from the ceiling in one or more lines

The cooling system can be controlled by the microclimate computer

Installation of nozzles

Nozzle mounting holes can be made anywhere with a special tool (product code: 5230)- after the pipes have been installed. That allows to install the nozzles in the most optimally points

To receive the best cooling effect is to install the nozzles above the air inlets and shutters, because the water mist from them to immediately cool down the air flowing into the building


Pump 720T
Capacity of 12 l/min at 70 bar
Product code: 5290

Pump 1260T
Capacity of 21 l/min at 70 bar
Product code: 5291

Efficient filters mounted with the pump ensure reliability of the installation and long service life

Fogging nozzles

1. 0.3mm nozzle with pipe
Capacity at 50bar=5.5l/h, 70bar=6.5l/h
Product code: 5253-06

2. 0.2mm nozzle
Capacity at 50 bar = 3.5 l/h,70 bar = 4 l/h
Product code: 5253-01

3. 0.3mm nozzle
Capacity at 50bar = 5.5l/h, 70bar = 6.5l/h
Product code: 5253-03

4. SKOV nozzle - 0.3mm
Capacity at 70bar = 7.8l/h
Product code: 5253-02

Water distribution system along the building

- with pipes fi 12mm, 6m long
Made of stainless steel
Product code: 5265

Wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling

Mounting bracket

PVC mounting bracket - fi 12mm

For mounting pipes and hoses to the wall every 60 cm

Product code: 5266-01


On profile fi 27mm, 6m long
Made of galvanized steel
Product code: 5252

and with hangers for suspension profile Ø26.7mm and  for fogging pipes or hoses Ø ¾"
Product code: 5252-01

System of screwed connectors fi 12 mm

1. Galvanized port valve
Product code: 5272
2. Galvanized tee
Product code: 5273
3. Galvanized elbow
Product code: 5271
4. M12 nut galvanized
Product code: 5275
5. L12 galvanized ring
Product code: 5274
6. Galvanized coupling
Product code: 5270

System of clamp connector fi 12mm

1. Galvanized port valve
Product code: 5264

2. Stainless steel tee
Product code: 5273-01

3. Stainless steel elbow
Product code: 5271-01

4. Stainless steel straight coupling
Product code: 5270-01

5. ¼"x12mm galvanized end valve
Product code: 5263-01