Nipple drinking

bEST nipple

Made of stainless steel

Smooth pin - 360° movable

Diameter 1,8'' (about 9mm)

High performance - download the specification of water flow rate below

Square pipe

With machine-mounted nipples

12 pieces, 15 pieces or 20 pieces on one pipe, which no leak

Dimension: 22x22mm

Length: 2.98m

Drip cup bEST

A large, square bowl

Dimension: 7cm x 7cm

Solid clamp

Smooth side of drip cup C-profile

Easy for cleaning

Aluminum profile bEST

Length: 3m

Strong and resistant

Strengthens and stabilizes the drinking line

Galvanized profile

Length: 3m

Diameter: fi 27mm

Extended socket with click connection, without additional connectors or screws

Easy for cleaning

Strengthens and stabilizes the drinking line

Polyamide spiral hose

Thanks to the spiral design, the hose does not kink when lifting the line and does not restrict the water flow

Length: 6m or 9m

Additional adapters to connect the hose:

- with a pressure regulator (adapter - product code: 5712-04)


- with a breather unit of drinking line (adapter - product code: 5714)

Automatic flushing

Automatic drinking line flushing with:

- a pressure regulator with actuator, which opens and closes the valve

- a flushing controler for 10 lines

- the controler extension to control additional 8 lines

- a flush breather unit

The drinking line bEST - leaflet for download


The table of water flow rate - for download