Turkey cups

Cup drinking system consists of:

- 28x28mm pipe - 3m long with 3 or 4 or 5 nipple

- suitable cups for bird rearing or fattening with stainless steel reinforced bottom

- pendulum, along which the water flows from the nipple into the cup directly each time the bird moves pendulum

The set also includes:

Aluminum profile 3m long - 1 pcs

Profile hanger - 2 pcs

Pipe holder - 5 pcs

Aluminum profile connection - 1 set

Rubber pipe connection with clamps - 1 set

Pendulum with holder - in the amount depending on the number of nipple

Large cup

For turkey finishing

The large cup is more stable and its wide rim prevents water from spilling

The bottom of the cup is reinforced with stainless steel, which protects against abrasion

Small cup

For turkey rearing and for turkey-hens rearing and finishing

Its shape provides easy access for small birds

The additional starter ball (30mm) in the cup helps to keep the water level constant at the beginning of the breeding

Extension for small cup

By turkey-hens finishing and for turkeys until 18kg, it is possible to mount an additional extension to the small cup. It helps to keep the litter dry around the drinkers