Gas and oil heaters

Gas heater BH with flue gas exhaust

- thanks to the closed combustion chamber no flue gases reach the house air and it remains free of excess carbon dioxide CO2
- exhaust gases are guided towards outside instead of to the area occupied by animals
- can be fueled by natural gas, propane or fuel oil
- does not increase the humidity level of the air and litter
- special switch to work only as an recirculation fan in hot period
- with the possibility of suspending
- connectable to a thermostat, humidistat, time control and to the climate computer of livestock houses

Construction of BH heaters

- stainless steel body and combustion chamber
- the flame monitored by the ionization electrode
- gas heaters equipped with: gas safety box with gas filter, pressure reducer, safety solenoid valve, slow action work solenoid valve, stabilizer, gas pressure connections - safety overheating manual reset thermostat
- low-voltage control
- easy access for maintenance and burner replacement
- IP65 protection class of electric board
- the built-in fan provides a wide throwing range and distributes the warm air in the house

Technical specifications - model BH100 gas

Rated heat power: 94,63kW/ 81,382kcal/h (natural gas); 97,89kW /84,187 kcal/h (LPG)
Output heat power: 85,36kW / 73,406 kcal/h (natural gas); 88,30kW, 75,937kcal/h (LPG)
Inlet pressure natural gas G20: 20 mbar
Inlet pressure LPG G31: 30-37 mbar
Natural gas consumption G20: 8.767 m3/h
LPG consumption G31: 3.54 m3/h
Heat efficiency: 90,2%
Airflow: 7.500 m3/h
Power supply: 230 V, 50Hz
Power consumption: 1.200 W
Net / gross weight: 135 kg / 153 kg

Technical specification - model BH50 gas

Rated heat power: 50,08kW / 43,073kcal/h (natural gas G20); 49.98kW /42,979kcal/h (LPG G31)
Output heat power: 45,08kW/ 38,766kcal/h; 45,23kW/ 38,896kcal/h
Heat efficiency: 90% (natural gas); 90,05% (LPG)
Inlet pressure: 20mbar (natural gas G20), 30/37mbar (LPG G31)
Gas consumption: 4.554m3/h (natural gas G20), 1.83m3/h-3.67kg/h (LPG G31)
Air flow: 4.100m3/h
Power supply: 230V, 50Hz
Power consumption: 800W, 3.85A
Weight: 75 kg net / gross 85 kg

Technical data - model BH100 oil

Rated heat power: 99.8kW / 85,869kcal/h

Output heat power: 89,9kW / 77,282kcal/h

Heat efficiency: 90%

Oil consumption: 7,9l/h

Air flow: 7.500m3/h

Power supply: 230V; 50Hz

Power consumption: 1000W; 5.8A

Technical specifications - model BH50 oil

Rated heat power: 49.8kW / 42,869 kcal/h

Output heat power: 44,4kW / 38,152kcal/h

Heat efficiency: 89%

Oil consumption: 3,94kg/h

Air flow: 4100m3/h

Power supply: 230V; 50Hz

Power consumption: 750W

Flue gas exhaust

Additional stainless steel exhaust chimney fi 150mm can be assembled from the elements:
1. One-sided muffled pipe 1m long (product code: 8218)
2. Elbow 90o(product code: 8221)
3. Chimney pot (product code: 8220)
4. Chimney pot with wind protection (product code: 8224)
5. Roof passage(product code: 8219)
6. Rain cowl (product code: 8223)
7. Mounting bracket (product code: 8230)
8. Double-sided muffled tee (product code: 8232)
9. Washout hole bottom (product code: 8233)

Outside air supply

Additional accessories for air supply to the heater snorkel connection:

I. Flexible air pipe fi 100mm / max. length 6m (product code: 8214)

II. Air intake (product code: 8234)

Ermaf heaters without flue gas exhaust

- with direct, open combustion chamber
- high efficiency with low level of exhaust fumes into the house
- fuelled by natural gas or propane (after replacement of nozzle and gas regulator)
- protection in the form of built-in solenoid valves which switch off the device in the event of a sudden rise in temperature or lack of gas
- electric flame burners with ionic flame protection in the combustion chamber
- stainless steel body resistant to aggressive conditions in livestock house and combustion chamber made of heat-resistant steel

Technical data - GP 95 model

Heating power: 95 kW
Gas consumption: 7.8 m3/h (natural gas) or 6.8 kg/h (propane)

Maximum airflow: 6500 m3/h
Gas pressure: 20-25 mbar (natural gas) or 35-50 mbar (propane)

Effective jet length: 40 m
Power supply: 230 V, 500W

Gas connection: 3/4"

Technical data - GP70 model

Heating power: 70 kW
Gas consumption: 6,1-7,2 m3/h (natural gas) or 5 kg/h (propane)

Maximum airflow: 4500 m3/h
Gas pressure: 20-25 mbar (natural gas) or 35-50 mbar (propane)

Effective jet length: 50 m
Power supply: 230 V, 450 W

Gas connection: 3/4"

Ermaf RGA 100 flue gas heater

- due the closed combustion chamber no flue gases reach the house air and it remains free of excess carbon dioxide CO2

- the exhaust gases are guided outside through the chimney

- stainless steel body

- the possibility of automatic climate computer control

- overheating safety

Technical data - model RGA100

Heating power: 100 kW

Consumption of natural gas:  8.0 m3/h

Consumption of propane: 6,9 kg/h

Maximum airflow: 8000 m3/h

Gas pressure: 20-25 mbar (natural gas) / 50 mbar (propane)

Effective heat range: 40 m

Electric connection: 230 V, 900 W

Weight: 110 kg

Flue gas chimney