Water heater NW50 Agro


The special model of the water heater suitable for operations in spaces of high humidity and dustiness levels

It does not absorb oxygen or emit CO2 by functioning

Thanks to the appropriate construction, durable materials and components of the highest quality, the device is able to operate efficiently and sustainably in aggressive environment of poultry houses

The exchanger and the second part of the heater with the fan is connected to each other by means of clamps that can be easily opened for cleaning and maintenance work

Epoxidized heat exchanger

A three-row epoxidized heat exchanger protects against aggressive environments and increases the heater's life

40% thicker lamella than in standard water heaters are more resistant to deformation during cleaning with compressed air or high pressure water 

Wider spacing between the lamella of exchanger (4 mm) makes cleaning easier

The fan of heater

Efficient fan with special motor with increased tightness (IP 66 against humidity and dust)

A stronger airflow additionally removes the dust from the device

Controlled by any speed controller for single-phase motors (e.g. SPA-5 and SPA-12 controller)

Standard voltage 230V, optional 400V

Ceiling-mounted installation with spray nozzle

Designed for uniform distribution of warm air from the heater throughout the building, forcing its circulation

The heat stream is not directed directly at the animals

Spray nozzle lowered CO2 to be value on thelitter level

The distance between the nozzle heaters should be 25m

Product code: 5532

Mounting with mounting brackets

With brackets is possible vertical or horizontal mounting of the device on walls, vertical partitions, pillars and poles

 Enables the device to be rotated through 180 degrees, allowing the supply air to be directed freely and the heater to be freely accessible from all sides

 Product code: 5536

Recirculation fan

When the heating is no longer needed, the heater can be used as recirculation fan

 The casing can be opened and the locking system allows the exchanger to be separated, so that air is only forced through the fan and mixed, which has a positive effect for climate of the livestock houses during the summer

Technical specifications

Heat power: 56.2 kW
Power supply: 230 V / 50Hz

Max. power consumption: 2,8 A
Fan capacity: 4600 m3/h

Max. range of air stream: 28 m
Noise level: 62 dB(A)

Max. water temperature: 95ºC
Max. water pressure: 1.6 MPa

Diameter of the exchanger connection: 3/4’’
Weight of the device included water: 28.7kg

Water heater NW50Agro - Leaflet for download