Fiberglass silos bEST

Silo construction

Silos made of durable and neutral fiberglass substance with a very long service life

They can be used to store feed, pellets and cereals. The contents flow easily down along perfectly smooth walls

They are corrosion-free and weather-resistant, including temperatures from -50°C to + 80°C. They do not require any special maintenance

Silo capacity from 2,7 t up to 48 tones


The silos are on 3 or 4 legs. Two legs of them are the vent pipes also, and the third one is a pneumatic loading pipe - with diameters of 89, 102, 114mm

The inspection ladder with protection rings and the silo legs are hot-dip galvanized to protect them from corrosion

Transparent level inspection stripe along the silo allows to control the amount of feed

The bottom part of the silo is suitable for connection with standard cross conveyor or to install thesliding gate for manual discharge 

Silo flap is protected by three metal closures during the pneumatic loading


- simple and light-weight

- easy to install and maintain

- high mechanical resistance

- weather conditions resistance

- excellent thermal insulation

- tight protection against moisture

- for mechanical or pneumatic filling very easy to control

3-legs silos

Model with capacity / diameter / height / product code

3,5m3 2,1t / 1,5m / 3,9m / 6089

4,5m3 2,7t / 1,6m / 4,15m / 6090

6m3 3,6t / 1,7m / 4,4m / 6080

7,5m3 4,5t / 1,9m / 4,8m / 6081

10m3 6t / 2m / 5,4m / 6082

12,5m3 7,5t / 2,1m / 6m / 6083

15m3 9t / 2,2m / 6,4m / 6084

4-legs silos

Model with capacity / diameter / height / product code

17,5m3 10,5t / 2,3m / 7,1m / 6085

20m3 12t / 2,4m / 7,5m / 6086

25m3 15t / 2,6m / 8m / 6087

31m3 19t / 2,6m / 8,98m / 6088

40m3 24t / 3m / 8,4m / 6091

52m3 31t / 3m / 9,98m / 6092

Transport and assembly

The SI-40 and SI-52 silo body consist of four vertical parts and the other silos of two parts, very light and easy to assemble

They will be connected by bolts, nuts and mastic, which makes them perfectly tight, protecting the contents against moisture and weather conditions

All materials required for silo assembly are included with each silo

Thanks this construction of the silos they can be loaded in large quantities into lorries, reduces their transport cost

Fiberglass silos - leaflet for download