Linear actuators

They are used to open and close air inlets at the command of the controller or climate computer on the 0-10V feedback signal

The motor of actuator controls the power valves and desires their position depending on the computer command

The working frequency of actuator is 20% (12 minutes / hour)

Voltage 230V and 24V

The actuators available in 230V and 24V voltage versions. By 24V version is possible to connect the emergency opening module

For model SL-230V with 610mm and 457mm stroke length:
Max. load 350kg
Voltage and current: 220/240V, 0.8A
Max. speed 5.4mm/sec

For model SL-24V with 610mm and 457mm stroke length:
Max. load 300kg
Voltage and current: 24V, 4.5A
Max. speed 6.5mm/sec

Technical specifications

Available actuator with stroke length: 24''/610mm and 18''/457mm

The amount of actuators depends on the amount of air inlets. For example, the SL-230V model is able to control up to 80pcs of German I air inlets or 40pcs of German II air inlets

Operating temperature: -20oC to +50oC

High protective class against humidity: IP65

RW45L servomotor

It is used to open and close air inlets by rolling cable (up to 6mm diameter) or belts on a special drum in livestock houses

Supplied with standard equipment: drum, mounting bracket and potentiometer


Equipped with a self-braking worm gear and output shaft, which is stopped very quietly and locked in current position, when the motor is stopped

Patented limit-switch system and safety switches with excellent switching precision. The maximum switching range of the limit-switch system corresponds to 55 revolutions of the drive shaft

Feature of RW45L

Thanks to the motor and Drive torques up to 120Nm, the servomotor can open or close many air inlets (e.g. 80 German I air inlets or 40 German II air inlets)

To automate the servomotor’s work is necessary to install a potentiometer, thanks them the current position of the servomotor will be controlled by inlet module (e.g. TCMW, which communicates with the computer by a 0-10V signal) or by relays and an input for a potentiometer in the climate computer

Technical specifications

Rotation speeds of: 1 to 5 rpm at 50 Hz, 1,2 to 6  at 60 Hz

50hz - 0.9-1A; 0,09kW
60hz - 1.1-1.13A; 0,11kW

RW45-1L-09\230\1\55\55 - single-phase version - 230V
Product code: 4001

RW45-1L-09\400\3\55\IP55 - three-phase version - 400V
Product code: 4001-01

Suitable for working in temperatures from 0°C to 60°C

High protection class: IP55

Servomotor RW401

It is used to open and close inlet flaps by means of ejector arms connected to the servomotor via a 1 inch diameter shaft

To automate the servomotor, an additional potentiometer must be installed

For wall mounting we recommend mounting bracket 85-105/H100 - product code 4007-01


The servomotor is mounted outside the building, in the middle between the inlet flaps. On both sides a chain connector 5⁄8"x3⁄8" is attached to it. (product code 4014), which is then bolted to a shaft running through ejectors

The entire structure is mounted to the wall using bearing brackets (product code 4005)

Sheet steel racks assembly

Sheet steel racks is pulled through a rack drive (product code 4004) on the shaft

They are then mounted to the inlet flap using a connector (product code 4003)

Sheet steel racks, connectors and rack drives are made of galvanized steel

Technical specifications

The servomotor motor is designed for S3-35% intermittent operation, in cycles of maximum 25 minutes

Suitable for ambient temperatures from 0°C to 60°C.

At 50Hz - 0,18kW; 1,83/2,2A
At 60HZ - 0,22kW; 2,24/2,25A 

High degree of protection IP55 

Product code: 4007