Galvanized shutters

They are part of the tunnel ventilation system in poultry houses

They have a built-in bird protective grids to prevent the rodents and dirt from entering to the building

Shutter opening

Opened by a suitable DA08N220 actuator, managed by a microclimate controller

Shutter construction

Made of high quality galvanized steel, resistant to corrosion and  environment conditions by bird breeding

The lamella of shutter close it tightly prevents from daylight, wind and dirt from outside

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 1380x1380x150mm

Weight: 30 kg

Product code: 8001

Suitable for installation in building walls of any material

PVC shutters

Designed for installation with exhaust fans (flow A) on walls and at the outlets of ventilation ducts

The shutter is automatically opening under the influence of flowing air from running fan

They protect the fan from mechanical damage and weather conditions influence


Made of very strong and durable PVC material, resistant to corrosion and sunlight, neutral and safe for people, animals and birds

The dimeters of holes in the shutters are from 210 to 710mm

Shutters with diameter largest than 560mm have additional inner frame profile

Additional information

Operating temperature from -30ºC to +70ºC

Mounted by means of screws (supplied with shutters)

Shutters color from RAL color palette - close to RAL 7035