Ventilation chimneys

Exhaust air chimneys - characteristics

Suitable for all types of livestock houses to create a friendly climate for the animals

Available chimney diameters Ø 630mm, 820mm, 910mm

UV radiation,  gases, frost and corrosion resistant

Very easy and quick to install


Efficient exhaust air flow thanks to:

- inlet ring  with the shape extending to the sides which increases the air flow up to 10% and the efficiency of the fan

- diffuser - very high, with shape extending upwards, which increases airflow by 15% and fan efficiency

The aerodynamic shape of these elements increases airflow - it is sucked in and ventilated much more efficiently at nominal energy use. This increases the efficiency of the fans, saving up to 15%-20% of energy use


Chimneys perfectly adapt to the roof pitch thanks to the roofing plate made of:

- flat, glass-fibre-reinforced plate, impact-resistant

- waterproofing membrane - EPDM roofing foil - high quality, UV-stabilized rubber, which easily adapts to any roofing pitch and roofing profile, is resistant to tearing and has a minimum 20 years of service life

The materials of which the roofing panels are made are fully waterproof, resistant to low (-30°C) and high (+120°C) temperatures and UV rays

Chimneys with roofing panel

The chimney adapts perfectly to the roof pitch thanks to the joint and roofing plate adjustment 

The joint is assembled at the factory, so it is perfectly tight and the water does not leak

Chimneys with roofing foil

The chimney adapts perfectly to the roof thanks to the foil made of rubber, waterproofing HYDROGUM - EPDM membrane, which is tear-resistant and has a guaranteed 20 years life

The chimneys are supplied with all components necessary to install the rubber foil to the roof


The diffuser increase the airflow by 15% and additionally its shape and height:
- lowers noise levels
- makes easier to remove odors thanks to a constant speed of maximum air stream

In the chimney of diameter fi 630 the dimensions of the diffuser are: height 730mm, width at the base 175mm, width at the top 930mm

In chimney of diameter fi 820 the dimensions of the diffuser are: height 940mm, width at the base 880mm, width at the top 1150mm

In chimney of diameter fi 910 the dimensions of the diffuser are: height 940mm, width at the base 1000mm, width at the top 1260mm

Cover flaps

Consists of two flaps made of reinforced composite material resistant to wind blows and with weatherproof stainless steel fixings

Two independent weights, for each one of the valve flaps, allow for the regulation of flap falling speed

The closed cover flaps tightly stops sunlight and rainwater which flows down through the gaps between the diffuser and the chimney tube

Chimney extension

For all chimneys diameters are available extensions of 0.6m or 1.2m long

The upper part of the extension is sanded down to a cone, which makes it easier to assemble with chimney tube

Very easy installation of the extension to the chimney with the screws and nuts included in the kit

Technical specifications

Made of high quality polypropylene plateswith thickness:

- 4mm for chimneys fi 630

- 5mm for chimneys fi 820

- 6mm for chimneys fi 910 in black color prevent sunlight penetrating

Chimneys are delivered in parts, what reduces transport costs

Screws and nuts necessary for installation included in each one chimney

Fresh air chimneys - characteristics

Thermally-insulated, with a diameter of 650mm, always equipped with a fan that blows air from the outside and distributes it evenly throughout the building, thanks to a mixer suspended at the chimney outlet

The standard chimney is 1m high, but can be extended by additional extensions 1m or 0.5m

Mounted to the roof with a roofing plate (product code 4220) or roofing rubber foil (product code 4221)


The chimney consists of:

- rain hoods with protecting net

- roofing plate (product code: 4220) or roofing rubber foil (product code: 4221) with mounting kit (screws, nuts, washers, strips and bands)

- 4 hangers for suspension

- ceiling cover

- air mixer/distributor

- transparent electrical box for actuator mounting

Fresh air chimney fans

Model 645/K/3-6/45/230/L
Product code: 9071-01

Power: 0.37kW / Current: 2.7 A
Rotational speed: 900 rpm
Efficiency at 0 Pa: 12000 m3/h

Model 645/K/3-6/45/400/L
Product code: 9071

Power: 0.37kW / Current: 1.4 A
Rotational speed: 900 rpm
Efficiency at 0 Pa: 12000 m3/h


Water collecting basins for suspension below the air duct

Available of dimensions:

- fi 906mm (Product code: 4150-35)
- fi 1350mm (Product code: 4150-36)

Main advantages:

- protection against rainwater which could penetrate through the chimney
- shading - protect from the sunlight

Made of high quality plastic, resistant for aggressive livestock house environment

Chimney shutter fi 630

In addition, chimneys fi 630 can be equipped with chimney shutter with electrically opening flap instead of inlet ring

The shutter tightly covers the chimney inlet prevent from of cold outside air entering and limiting the loss of warm air
It is equipped with a hermetic electrical box designed to mount an actuator for automatic opening and closing the flap of valve
Product code: 4150-08

Deltafan chimney fans

Into the exhaust chimney is possible to mount - high quality and low energy use - Deltafan chimney fans

Easy installation of the fans in the chimney is possible thanks to a special band and support arms, which ensure stability

Low-running motors (900 rpm) working with a lower noise level

Adapted for control by external controllers

Ventilation chimneys - leaflet for download