Vertical recirculation fan Zefir

Vertical air mixing

Zefir is a new effective way to optimize the microclimate in poultry- and livestock houses

Mixes the upper and lower layers of air, distributing it evenly throughout the building

On warm days...

Increases air velocity in the area occupied by the animals - giving a cooling effect during the hot periods

The best effect can be achieved when Zefir is used (at low speed) with high-pressure cooling together, because so cooled air is distributed more quickly and evenly throughout the building

On cold days...

The heated air from the heat generators is evenly distributed throughout the building, what ensures a uniform climate with an even distribution of the birds in the poultry house

Comfort for animals

The Zefir fan draws dry and warm air from the ceiling into the bird's area.  It distributes the air stream at a fixed height above the animals, which feel it as a chill breeze, not like a draft as in tunnel ventilation

The air stream from Zefir pushes upwards the lighter gases that accumulate at the litter, reducing the concentration of CO2 and NH3 and dries the litter

Saving for the farmer

It allows delaying the transition to tunnel ventilation

Effectively reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling

By small animals the fresh air from outside is not necessary for minimum ventilation

Prevents from condensation in the building

Zefir assembly

The impact of the Zefirair stream is felt within a radius of 10m, so in buildings wider than 20m should be more equipment installed 

The pulleys for suspension the Zefir to the ceiling – included

The Zefir can be controlled by some power regulator - for example SPA-12 regulator, to which 3 Zefirs can be connected

Technical specifications

Model: 630/N/5-5/38,5/230L Zefir
Product code: 8059

Power: 0,37 kW / Voltage: 220V,2,7 A
Rotational speed: 900 rpm

Performance / Efficiency: 11 600 m3/h

Protection class of motor: IP66

Dimension and weight: 97x130cmH, 28.6kg

Vertical recirculation fan Zefir - leaflet for download