Cooling Pad

Cooling by Colling Pad system

The Cooling Pad system is based on the process of cooling the air by evaporating water on the evaporation panels, mounted on the external wall of the building, in front of the air inlets In this way, the temperature in the building can be effectively reduced, depending on the temperature and air humidity

By higher temperature and lower relative air humidity the water evaporation is faster and the cooling effect is better

For this reason is important to have efficient ventilation that removes moisture from the livestock houses

The air cooling on evaporation panels

Due to the tunnel ventilation the warm fresh air is drawn through special panels where water flows down, absorb the moisture and cools down, giving off heat energy to evaporate the water

The air is cooled by evaporation (change of water to steam), because to evaporate 1l of water, 628Wh of thermal energy taken from the air is needed, what decrease his temperature

The air cooling in the building

Specially formed panels are characterized by high evaporation and air flow efficiency

The cooled air, due to the negative pressure generated by the gable wall fans, is drawn inside, flowing through the moist pads and is moving through the building in fans direction, lowers the temperature inside the building

Cooling panels

We offer 2 types of cooling panels:

Coated paper and plastic.

The standard panel is 2000mm high, 600mm wide and 150m thick

Custom height of the panel is 1000mm, 1500mm or 1800mm

System construction

The evaporation panels are placed in a special stainless steel frame and gutters

The recirculation pump pumps up water from the tank to the upper distribution pipes, from where it flows down to wet the panels

The lower gutter collects the excess flowing water, which flows into the tank from is returned to circulation again

The water in the tank is automatically replenished and the float valve keeps it constants level


All construction elements, pipes and couplers for water distribution, pump and silicone for assembly are included

Advantages of the system

- effective and quickly way to reduce the temperature inside the building

- simple construction and low operating costs

- low water consumption
- easy assembly

- easy cleaning

- light trap effect

- darkening to sunlight

Additional black coating treatment

On special request is possible to cover the paper on one side with an additional black glue coating, which protects the panels even better against sun rays, increases their durability and allows to clean them with a brush without damaging the surface

Cooling pad platic

Plastic panels for evaporative cooling made of polypropylene

They are characterized by:

* high chemical resistance

* easy to keep clean

* high resistance to UV radiation

* patented design to increase cooling efficiency. 

* light impermeability

* long service life

Cooling Pad - leaflet to download