Flat chain feeding system

Flat chain feeding system

Flat chain feeding system is an automatic system that is widely used due to its reliability and simple design

The set includes:

feed chain


feeding troughs

grate (grill) on the trough

driving unit

reception hopper

The chain

The chain  feed is a strong and simple design that is used to transport and distribute feed in chain feeding systems 

It is suitable for transporting loose feed of different consistencies.

It is characterized by high speed, which allows to quickly fill the troughs around the perimeter of the poultry house

Product code: 6550-01

The corner

A 90-degree corner allows you to change the direction of the feed line to adapt the system to your design 

Ensures efficient movement of feed in the chain feeding system

Product code: 6550-10

Gutter and grill

Gutter: length 3m, made of 1.2 mm sheet metal

Grill: length of 1.5m, made of galvanized wire

Drive unit

Drive unit with 0.75kW, 1.1 kW, 1.5 kW, 2.2 kW motors

Gearbox with a speed of 12,18 or 36 m/min