Shutter for chimney fi 630/ fi 820/ fi 910


Chimneys fi 630, fi 820 and fi 910  instead of an inlet ring, can be equipped with a shutter with an electrically closed flap, wind resistant, which guarantees that the chimney stays closed

The aerodynamic shape of the shutter, extending to the sides, increases the efficiency of air flow through the chimney up to 10%


The shutter's flap tightly covers the chimney inlet, preventing the entry of cold air from outside and limiting the loss of warm air

It can be used with chimneys with gravity ventilation and with chimneys with forced ventilation


The chimney shutter is equipped with a hermetic electrical box designed to mount an actuator for automatic opening and closing the flap of valve:

- on/off at an angle of 0-90 degrees - with the DA08N220 220V or DA08N24 24V actuator

- proportional to the level of ventilation - with 0-10V controlled actuator

The actuator is managed automatically by the microclimate computer, which opens the chimneys with chimney fans switching on

Product code: 4150-08

Shutter for chimney fi 630

Dimensions of shutter for chimney fi 630 
Larger diameter: 904mm
Smaller diameter: 664mm
Height: 211mm

Shutter for chimney fi 820

Dimensions of shutter for chimney fi 820 
Larger diameter:  mm
Smaller diameter: mm
Height: mm

Shutter for chimney fi 910 :

Dimensions of shutter for chimney fi 910
Larger diameter:  1290 mm
Smaller diameter: 950 mm
Height: 480 mm