Climate sensors

Humidity and temperature sensor DOL 114

Sensor for measuring the air humidity and temperature in livestock houses

It has two 0-10V analogue outputs with low resistance and protection against short circuits and cable damage

A special two-colour diode informs about sensor status and errors

Indicates temperature measurement from -40°C to +60°C and relative humidity 0 - 100% RH

Protection class: IP67
Product code:  4562

Temperature sensor DOL 12

Highest quality, simple sensor for measuring indoor and outdoor temperatures

Measuring range: -40°C to +100°C

Accuracy: +/-0.5°C

Without external power supply

Voltage: 10V

Protection class: IP67

Product code: 4133

Temperature sensor for Total Control

Sensor for measuring the temperature inside the livestock house dedicated to Total Control climate controllers

It is an interchangeable or spare part of the controller equipment

Made of materials resistant for livestock house environment

Product code: TC1200

CO2 sensor DOL 19

DOL 19 is a sensor for measuring carbon dioxide designed to work inside livestock house, thanks:
- a plug-in cable connector to simple disconnecting and removing the sensor before the building cleaning
- sturdy casing with a filter that protects the measuring element

Exceptionally important by direct combustion with open-chamber heaters

Measurement range 5000-10.000 ppm
Voltage 13,5-30 V DC

Product code: 4599-04

DPT - Differential pressure transmitter

For measuring static and differential pressure

It monitors also fans, blowers, air flow and controls valves and dampers

Measurement range 0...2500Pa

Output signals (3-wire): 0-10VDC and 4...20mA available on separate terminals Supply voltage: 24 VDC/VAC ±10%

Product code:
5556 for sensor without screen
5556-01 for sensor with screen

MM100 - Differential pressure manometer

It monitors differential pressure of air and non-aggressive gases what allows the selection of appropriate ventilation systems

Measuring range pressure -20...+100Pa

High measuring sensitivity and accuracy 1 Pa

On the cover of device is a spirit level, which makes the balanced mounting easier

Measurement with a gauge fluid with a relative density of 0.786 kg/dm3
Recommended operating temperature: +5oC to +30oC
Permissible operating temperature: from -30oC to +60oC
Product code: 5555

Ammonia sensor NH3

Voltage: 24 V DC
Signal type: 4-20 mA
Measurement scale: 0-100 ppm
Product code: 4505

Ammonia in livestock housing is generated from the breakdown of urine, faeces and feed residues. The concentration of NH3 increases with temperature increasing and during manure transport and litter movement 

Increased ammonia levels irritate the conjunctiva of the eyes and the mucous membranes of the respiratory system. Concentration of 100 ppm reduces the respiratory capacity of the lungs. This leads to a reduction in immunity and susceptibility to infectious diseases. Ammonia reduces weight, delays puberty and lowers egg production.