Ventilation accessories

The bEST clamp

Innovative clamps for rope and rod 6mm for inlets opening

Inside the clamp is a thickening which protect the rope from cutting during operation and adjustment

In addition, the clamp is very large - 4cm high and 2cm wide - convenient for installation and adjustment without any additional tools and it is very impact resistant

Product code: 8407

Rod for air inlets opening line

Diameter fi 6mm, 3m long

High quality stainless steel rod for the construction of automatic opening/closing systems for the air inlets in livestock houses

The rods are finished on both sides with M6 male thread, so they can be connected to each other in longer lengths by simple connectors

Product code: 8404

Connector of rods fi 6mm

Hexagonal nut fi 6mm – 18mm long and 11.1mm wide - made of stainless steel

They solid connect all 6mm rods in the line of the air inlet opening system, which helps its stable functioning

Thanks to its small size, the connector does not disturb other elements of the system, e.g. air inlets pulleys

Product code: 8405

Eye nut for rods fi 6mm

M6 nut with 16mm inside eye diameter and 31mm total height, made of stainless steel

For fixing on a both ends of the rods line for air inlets opening/closing system

On one side, to connect the whole system to a servomotor with cable or belts, and on the other side, to connect it to a spring on the building wall

Product code: 8406

Bracket for rods

It is used to fix and guide the rods line for  automatic opening/closing system of air inlets in livestock houses

Longer side: 10.8cm long Shorter side: 6.4cm long

It has 6 holes of different diameters and lengths

Product code: 8401

Extension spring

A special spring to connect the wall and the end of cable or rod –  which guarantees correct stretching of system of air inlets opening and prevents twisting of the cable

Length before stretching 30.7cm

It consists of 59 reels with a diameter of 4.5cm

Made of 4mm stainless steel wire

Product code: 4010

Mounting bracket

Bracket for pulleys fixing - 90mm wide and with longer arm 120mm long and shorter arm 80mm long

Thanks to the large amount of holes with a diameter of 10.26mm (7 on the longer side and 9 on the shorter side), the bracket is universal and gives many possibilities for suspending

Made of strong 4mm thick, hot-dip-galvanized steel

Product code: 5116


Many pulleys with different mounting method, maximum load, size, amount of rolls and bearing allows to find exactly what is needed

Profiled grooves in the rolls allow for stable rope/cable guidance, which does not slip

Pulleys with brackets

Product code:

1. 5118 - metal roll fi 90mm with bearing, heavy-duty

2. 5119-01 - metal roll fi 90mm, without bearing, heavy-duty

3. 5128 - metal 2 pieces of rolls fi 90mm, with bearing, on adjustable mounting brackets

4. 5120 - made of reinforced plastic, 90mm roll, without bearing

5. 5119-02 - plastic roll fi 90mm, without bearing

Pulleys with bolt and nut mounting

Product code:

1. 5131 - made of reinforced plastic roll fi 90mm, without bearing, 45°mounting, heavy-duty

2. 5134 - made of reinforced plastic 2 pieces of rolls fi 90mm, without bearing, heavy-duty

3. 5132 - made of reinforced plastic roll fi 90mm, without bearing, heavy-duty

4. 5133 - made of reinforced plastic roll fi 90mm, without bearing, heavy-duty

Pulleys with suspension

Product code:

5. 5121 - metal rollfi 100mm, with bearing, heavy-duty

6. 5135 - metal roll fi 90mm, with bearing, heavy-duty

7. 2013-03 - plastic roll fi 22mm, without bearing, rust‐free plastic‐housing with stainless steel hook

8. 1019 - made of reinforced plastic roll fi 45mm, without bearing, high strength hook

Actuators for inhaust chimney

DA02N220PI - 0-10V, 2Nm, 220V
Product code: 4604

DA02N220 - ZW, 2Nm, 220V
Product code: 4605

DA02N24PI - 2-10V, 2Nm, 24V
Product code: 4604-01

DA02N24 - 2Nm 24V
Product code: 4605-01

Actuator to control the chimneyshutter

DA08N220 - 8Nm, 220V
Product code: 4600

DA08N24 - 8Nm, 24V
Product code: 4602-04

Actuator for metal shutters opening

DA08N220 - 8Nm, 220V
Product code: 4600

Thermostat T15-WD

Mechanical thermostat with a robust construction and housing protection class IP 55, used for temperature control in livestock houses by controlling heating and ventilation equipment

Very easy to install and operate. Switches on or off the device when a certain temperature is reached

Temperature switching range: 0oC – 40oC

Mains current (max.): 16A

Voltage: 230 V

Pulley fi 100 mm

Metal block with bearing fi 100 mm.

Specially reinforced and suitable for heavy loads.

Product code: 5119