President of Tajikistan inaugurates new poultry houses equipped by bEST

On 30 June 2020, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, EmomaliRahmon, during his trip to Bobojon, Gafurov Region, Sughd Region opened a poultry farm ChuchaiBaizo LLC equipped with bEST broiler breeding equipment. The facility consists of 7 parts and is located on an area of 1.48 hectares. The meat production capacity is 100 tonnes per month. Due to the bEST equipment for feeding, drinking and microclimate, human involvement is minimal and efficiency of breeding increases.
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Modernization of poultry house for turkey production with bEST - Tatarstan

Once abandoned and ruined buildings were renovated and equipped with bEST turkey breeding facilities.

The distribution of water and feed is automatic. With Total Control climate controllers it is possible to management temperature, how much feed was given to the birds and how much it left in the silo, lighting and ventilation level.

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Galvanized feeding pipe delivery

Galvanized and drilled pipe with docket bEST - fi 44.5mm and 1.2mm thickness - are now available. Each pipe has a notch on the docket, which is located exactly on the opposite side of the holes, which makes the assembly easier and a tab, which blocks the pipes and prevents them from moving during cleaning

Pipes with 2 holes - product code: 1029-01

Pipes with 3 holes - product code: 1005-01

Pipes with 4 holes - product code: 1006-01


With a bEST feeder pan around the world - memories

Over the past year the bEST feeder was presented to many customers around the world, including Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Romania, Russia, Poland, Nepal. ....The next presentation was planned during the Eurotier 2020 trade fair in Hannover. Due to the current situation in the world, the trade fair is being postponed to 9-12 February 2021.

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The innovative bEST clamp - for 6mm rod or rope

We introduce to our offer innovative clamps for rod or rope of system of air inlets opening Inside the clamp is a thickening which protect the rope from cutting during operation and adjustment.

The clamp is very large - 4cm high and 2cm wide - convenient for installation and adjustment without any additional tools and it is very impact resistant.

Product code: 8407


Modernization of poultry house with bEST - North Caucasus

The bEST system components are also ideal for modernization of old poultry houses like this one in the North Caucasus, where were installed: feeding lines with bEST feeder pans, drinking lines with only bEST nipples without drip cups, German air inlets and Zefir destrificators. Many other farmers decided to replace current equipment for bEST poultry equipment


New poultry houses with bEST

Farmers around the world decide to invest with bEST, because their birds growth healthy and they saving feed and energy

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Trade Fair Kiev, Ukraine

Presentation of the innovative bEST feeder pan at the Agro Spring International Fair on 18-20 February 2020 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Customers liked the high quality of products bEST feeding and drinking system, German air inlets, Zefir fan, but most of all the efficiency in breeding, the feed and energy savings that can be achieved with them.


Ferma 2020 in Łódź, Poland

On 14-16 February 2020, during the trade fair Ferma 2020 in Łódź, were presented for the first time:

  • new bEST 100-litre hopper, made of plastic, resistant to poultry conditions (product code: 1079-05)
  • round galvanized profile for bEST drinking line with extended socket with click connection, without additional connectors or screws, and easy for cleaning (product code 2030)

We started the promotion of bEST feeder pan as ideal solution for the feeding with granulated and loose feed


Moscow Trade Fair, January 2020

During the 25th International Trade and Industry Specialist Exhibition: Cereals, Feed, Veterinary on 28-30 January 2020 in Moscow we focused on the promotion of Zefirdestrificator - a new effective way to optimize the microclimate in poultry- and livestock houses. The Zefir mixes the upper and lower layers of air, distributing it evenly throughout the building.

The Zefir fan draws the air from under the ceiling into the area occupied by the animals, which feels it like a chill breeze, while at the same time the air stream from Zefir pushes upwards the lighter gases that accumulate at the litter, reducing the concentration of CO2 and NH3 there and dries the litter.